Audi A4 B7 Front Plate Delete

February 5, 2010 |  by  |  Audi Tuning

Clean Up Your Look!

More likely than not, your Audi came with an awkward-looking front license plate holder from the factory. Lucky for you, Audi also makes a plate filler that replaces the part of the front grille that holds the front license plate with a part that is not made for a plate. This DIY will show you how install this license plate filler and clean up you car’s look in minutes. Remember: it is illegal to drive without a front license plate in many states so check with you local authorities before you do this.

Audi Models

  • Audi A4 B7 2.0T (2005.5 – 2008)
  • This can be done on other models too. However, each model requires a different plate filler. Make sure you buy the right part number and color of the filler.

Parts Required

Tools Required

  • Phillips Screwdriver

Step 1

Remove the five screws that hold the plate holder to the engine grille.

Step 2

Remove the plate holder itself. It should just slide off, but some force may be required.

Step 3

Install the plate filler using the same screws.

Step 4

You are done!

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  1. I really like how you painted the strips above your fog lights gloss black – looks really nice. Getting rid of the licence plate really cleans it up – I did this as well and plasti-dipped the filler plate for the extra touch :)

  2. haha those are bumper guards the previous owner put on :) He lived in NYC so that explains it. I am actually looking for a safe way to take them off but many people like them.

  3. Is there an option to do this to a B8? (2010 A4)?

  4. Thank you!!! my search is over! Some guy who apparently has been working on Audis for years says on the 2010 you have to replace the whole front grill! DRRRRRRRRR

  5. What option is the best for a black Audi? I’m guessing satin black? but not certain that will match what’s on there already, any input is greatly appreciated!!!

  6. Hello,
    I have a 2008 Black Audi A4 S Line, and the description on this says non-S Line. Is their a part # that will work for an S Line?
    Any help would be appreciated as I’m moving from CA to AZ and do not want to have the ugly front plate.

  7. I need one of those for 2007 audi a6. anyone know if that part exists?

  8. I’m looking for a filler for an A3(8v) in brilliant black with parking aid holes.

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